Protein + alkali = ?

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Tunicamycin won't affect intracellular glycosylation (O-GlcNAc) only that 
performed by the Golgi (and then mostly N-glycosylation rather than O-)


Ian Mc

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> Dear Dima, dear Pow,
> thanks for your suggestions.
> Could incomplete unfolding happen with the complete population of that
> protein? I'll try SAP to dephosphorylate proteins on the membrane, as
> currently there are lots of Pase inhibitors in our lysis buffers, so
> phosphates really would stay at the protein, but can it be that the
> protein is 100% phosphorylated at a certain position?) and, if that
> does not point me towards a solution, then I'll try to inhibit
> glycosylation with tunicamycin (10ug/ml medium for 1-2 days). Also
> lysing some samples without phosphatase inhibitors might be worth a
> try.
> Best regards,
> Wo

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