microbial prevention

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On Tue, 6 Feb 2007, DK wrote:
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>> Almost all laboratories have an incubator with water on the bottom. I
>> am wondering what chemicals are better suited to prevent growth of
>> bacteria, yeast, fungi, etc in it without damaging cells. Thanks!
> CuS04 is not volatile for all intents and purposes. We have enough of
> it to make water in the evaporation tray visibly blue at all times.
> Cheap and works perfectly well.

Our incubator rep told us not to do that as it can cause corrosion and you 
will end up with water leaking through the bottom. He suggested putting a 
piece of copper metal in the water, e.g. a small offcut of pipe, which has 
worked well for us. We recently aquired a new Heraus incubator, which has 
the entire insides including shleves made form copper.

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