Cytofluor II (was: "Fluoroscan II software")

Peter Cherepanov via (by p.cherepanov from
Wed Feb 14 05:15:49 EST 2007

all that googling for old microplate fluorometers made me even more 
confused than I normally am.

The dead machine is Cytofluor II (not "fluoroscan").

my previous (edited) message is pasted below,
I hope someone has a working version ...


Hello netters,

I am desperately looking for software to revive an old >>Cytofluor-II<<
microplate fluorometer from Perseptive, aka Applied Biostms. There is no
support for this instrument anymore. The original disks have been lost.

I hope there is a kind soul out there who could provide a copy of the
installation file(s). I do not think it would be a serious breach of
user agreements, since the company terminated support for this very old



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