Simple question that is hard to answer

hzhen via (by hzhen from
Fri Feb 16 22:00:10 EST 2007

peter wrote:

> Thanks Chen,
> I am not trying to clone anything. I am doing development work, in
> which I wonder if I have mixed population of different point mutant
> plasmids in same bacteria or one plasmid with different point
> mutations. Simple question - hard to answer without doing experiment.
> I thought someone might have the answer, but...

I think similar kind of work has probably been done before (maybe 20-30 
years ago), you should just do a literature search for plasmid 
incompatibility.  My understanding is that the great majority of cells 
will have one or the other of the plasmids, a tiny percentage will have 
both.  It is all about statistics and probability.

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