Total nucleic acid extractions

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> Hello everyone,
> I would like to isolate RNA and DNA from the same tissue sample (soybean
> leaves), and wonder if anyone has a recommended protocol. I have used 
> Trizol
> with moderate success, but had trouble getting the DNA fraction to
> resuspend. I would like to preserve the ratio of RNA to DNA that is 
> present
> in the tissue, so difficulties resuspending the pellets are a concern. The
> Qiagen AllPrep DNA/RNA mini kit sounds promising (no organic solvents, and
> no need to resuspend pellets) but I don't know if it works for plant
> material. Has anyone tried this kit with leaves? Or do you have any other
> suggestions?  Thanks!
> Jeremy

I also had trouble with Trizol. I ended up dividing my sample in three, one 
for protein (your usual protocol), another for DNA (your usual protocol), 
and Trizol for RNA. I guess not great if the amount of sample is a limiting 


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