Purifying PCR product from 2% agarose gel

Jose de las Heras via methods%40net.bio.net (by josenet from tiscali.co.uk)
Wed Feb 21 18:47:04 EST 2007

"Yoram Gerchman" <gerchman from research.haifa.ac.il> wrote in message 
news:mailman.32.1171995025.5139.methods from net.bio.net...
> I have noticed Qiagene kits (as well as others) behave badly when the wash
> buffer lose its EtOH (like by evaporation. Its enough to have someone 
> leave the
> cap not tight to have this happen. Try to add some 100% EtOH to the wash 
> buffer.
> Yoram


The wash buffer is 80% EtOH... I would imagine that an awful lot of 
evaporation will have to occur before it becomes a problem.


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