Pipetting, contamination....

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On Feb 22, 7:41 pm, d... from no.email.thankstospam.net (DK) wrote:
> In article <1172181256.088647.198... from a75g2000cwd.googlegroups.com>, "peter" <peter.ianak... from gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Jeez, I've done this experiment yesterday:
> >> 1. Took a 1 ml Pipetman, set it to 1 ml and pipetted overnight E.coli
> >> culture up and down 20 times.
> >> 2. Immediately after that, changed a tip, took a bottle of sterile
> >> Terrific Broth, pipetted 20 times, set at 37C for 20 hours.
> >> The result: no signs of bacterial growth today ==> no aerosol
> >> contamination.
> >> DK
> >Seems like a good experiment, I just wonder what volume of the TB
> >media you used?
> The standard square bottle filled with 100 ml. I still have that bottle,
> so if you have your doubts, I can look at it very attentively by Monday.
> But, you know, E.coli can grow anaerobically so shaking is not
> strictly necessary...
> I pretty much knew the outcome based on the fact that I am still
> using the same ~1.5 years old bottle of SOC used for an umpteen
> (more like ~ 100 :-)) electroporations, each involving the same
> 1 ml Pipetman and no filter tips all along. Amazingly, still no visible
> growth in the bottle and, as recently as two days ago, 20 out of 20
> clones analyzed contained the expected plasmid.
> DK
> P.S. This topic reminded me of one curious observation:
> Everyone I know who does "microbiology" outside of sterile hood
> is engaged in the practice of flaming necks of every bottle and
> flask they use. When asked why they are doing it, the only answer
> ever given is "to keep it sterile". Problem is, for as far as I can tell,
> the way it is done, it's a completely useless exercise in at least
> 9 out of 10 times.

DK  ... People make night cultures for a reason before they seed 100
ml botles. wonder why? Can you repeat same experiment with like 2 ml
TB or SOC?

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