ccdB insensitive dam/dcm minus E.coli strain

StewJW via (by stewjw At
Wed Jan 17 05:27:29 EST 2007

One Shot® ccdB Survival™ T1 Phage-Resistant Cells
Catalog Number - C751003

chemically competent E. coli are suitable for propagation of plasmids
containing the ccdB gene and are designed for use with Gateway® Vector
Conversion System and for propagating Gateway® destination, donor, and
super-coiled entry vectors. Transformation efficiency is >5 x 108
transformants/µg DNA.

INV110 Cells
Catalog Number - C7171-03

INV110 E. coli are specifically designed for the growth and
purification of plasmid DNA that will be digested with dam or dcm
methylation-sensitive restriction enzymes.

I don't think this strain is resistant to the ccdB gene. Although, as
has been remarked above the ccdB gene is used for fo negative negative
selection of the donor and destination (and some entry) vectors in E.
coli following recombination and transformation. When recombination
occurs (i.e. between a destination vector and an entry clone or between
a donor vector and an attB-PCR product), the ccdB gene is replaced by
the gene of interest, allowing these cells to grow.

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