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Sun Jan 21 04:19:29 EST 2007

Allen Sylvester wrote:
> We have an ALFexpress DNA sequencer made in 1996 that has stopped
> heating to 55 C and now stops at 34-40 C.  Pharmacia does not exist and
> this sequencer is no longer supported.
> Does anyone know of any business or person in the USA that repairs or
> supplies parts for the ALFexpress?
> Thanks,
> Allen
> Dr. H. Allen Sylvester
> USDA, ARS, Honey Bee Lab
> 1157 Ben Hur Rd.
> Baton Rouge, LA 70820
> 225-767-9291
> FAX: 225-766-9212
> asylvester At

Hi  Allen

We had a similar problem with our ALFExpress II. As you know
Amersham-Pharmacia are now GE, but still support ALFExpress II (at
least with parts) and possibly ALFExpress. Check on their site and
contact someone from the support group.
Does the pump work ?. In our case the thermosensor was broken which
made the pump and the heater didn't work too. This kind of sensors are
unspecific and very cheap and any electroengeneer would replace them.
Here is the link to the site:

I hope this helps.

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