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Thanks a tonne, everyone.
 Actually, these cells were growing fine for a while; then all of a
sudden, something went wrong, as of they'd joined a suicide cult of
somekind :(( ..... I am, sort of, suspecting mycoplasma, and that
would be a very big pain. However, I shall procede step by step with
troubleshooting, with the medium, components, filters, temperature
..... I appreciate all the input.


On 1/25/07, Tom Anderson <ucgatan At ucl.ac.uk> wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Jan 2007, Pow Joshi wrote:
> > this is sheer desperation: I was wondering if anyone would have any idea
> > why some cells (in this case HEK) are having problems attaching to the
> > culture plate, and then die a sad horrible death.... all possible
> > explanations are welcome including: "Pow, you've lost your touch at
> > Tissue culture, even if you've been doing it for half your life". Thanks
> > a bunch
> As has been pointed out, HEKs can be a bit recalcitrant when it comes to
> sticking down. The normal problems would be too low a temperature, too old
> a culture, a dodgy batch of medium, a dodgy batch of dishes, or maybe
> mycoplasma - the usual suspects for any TC problem!
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