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On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Pow Joshi wrote:

> Thanks, Wolfgang....that histoire was comforting, knowing that I
> was'nt the only one....

I just spoke to one of my colleagues, whose HEKs are also mysteriously
dying on her. Is it possible there's an iffy batch of medium about? She's
using some sort of Gibco DMEM.

My other thought was that it might be something related to the christmas
holiday; if, for example, your insitute's water purification system was
switched off over the break, it might have accumulated some sort of
contamination, which could now be present in any media, PBS, etc that you
make up locally. This would be unusual, and it would be odd for it to
affect cells as robust as HEKs, but it has happened to people here. But
then you'd expect other people to be having the problem as well.


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