Concentrating protein lysates

Ozan Aygun via (by metugenetics from
Tue Jul 3 19:08:24 EST 2007


I have ben using "Strataclean Beads" from Stratagene 
for concentrating small volumes of protein extracts
for western analyses. It is pretty efficient and time
saving. I do not remember how expensive the resin was
but you need very little per sample. Just add 5ul of
resin up to 50-100ul of protein extract and vortex
well to mix. Then spin down the beads and aspirate the
supernatant (simply captures protein mixture on the
beads). Boil the beads with desired volume of
SDS-sample buffer (1X) for 5 min and spin again. Load
the supernatant carefully.

These beads are also pretty useful for desalting
protein extracts that are in high salt solutions
before loading on SDS-PAGE analysis thereby preventing

Hope this may be any help, good luck,


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