Yvonne Couch via (by yvonne.couch from
Mon Jul 16 07:22:01 EST 2007

Hi all,

I was to run a luciferase assay to see how much ATP my cells are producing.
For this I thought I would take an aliquot of medium from each set of
treated cells and use it in the Invitrogen ATP-determination kit which
employs luciferase.  My questions are these; does anyone know of anything in
cell culture medium (including FCS and pen strep) that would interfere with
the luciferase enzyme, i.e. give a stronger/weaker signal?  Second, does
anyone have any experience with this kit?  The firefly reaction is supposed
to be a flash, does this mean by the time I run up two floors to get to the
plate reader I won't have a meaningful signal?

Muchos thanks!


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