Running range of bromophenolblue and xylene cyanol?

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>>Depends on agarose percentage.  But generally, BPB - 300bp and XC - 3-4
> Thanks for the info. That was what I was looking for. Couldn't find a
> reference on the Web. Agarose percentage varies here but is usually
> around 1,5 %.
> Peter
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>>Subject: Running range of bromophenolblue and xylene cyanol?
>>The loading buffer for my DNA sample contains the dyes bromophenolblue
>>and xylene cyanol. Can anyone tell me in what bp (base pair) range these
>>dyes run in agarose gels for DNA analysis (i.e. DNA fragments of what
>>size would run along with the bromophenolblue front or the xylene cyanol

it's simpler to check, and then you'll be sure :-)


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