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On Jul 23, 12:49 pm, Kyle Legate <lega... from> wrote:
> peter wrote:
> > On Jul 21, 5:11 pm, "Peter Ellis" <pj... from> wrote:
> >> peter wrote:
> >>> Since this board has been very quiet recently I would like to ask a
> >>> question and hopefully stimulate discussion. Here I go:
> >>> If you have the ability to synthesize any DNA molecule(s) of any
> >>> length and complexity what would it be? Why do you think that this is
> >>> most interesting.
> >> I'd synthesise the reference human and see what he looks like, being (I
> >> believe) a composite of several disparate genomes.
> >> Peter
> > I see your point , but in my opinion this will be largely useless and
> > wasteful exercise.
> > -Peter
> Your question was largely useless, so what do you expect.

No it is not useless, since you can now actually synthesize long DNA,
and you are not constrained by what the nature and the evolution has
decided as good.
If you do not have imagination and can not meaningful contribute to
the discussion, then why do you post?

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