Bacterial Identification: Fatty Acid, 16S or Biolog?

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I would go for the fatty acid analysis, if the 16SrRNA analysis did not
provide with sufficient information. Again the 16SrRNA analysis is
limited to the available sequences in the database.  There are
professional services from different companies which will do yout he
Fatty acid profile for a fee.

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First, this group has provided me a wealth of info over the last 10
years or so... so now I post a question.

In terms of getting the most accurate identification of a bacterium at
species level (medical, plant associated, environmental, etc.... in
general) which system provides the best resolution:  Fatty acid
analysis, 16S rDNA sequence analysis (assume full seq.), or Biolog?  I
want your opinions... let's remove cost of analysis from the equation.
I have my own opinion... but is it a bias??

Thank you for your contributions!

Stirring the fire --Brian

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