Strong contamination with ethidium bromide

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On Tue, 5 Jun 2007, WS wrote:

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> > And probably don't consider going on to a PhD!
> Tom, are you sure this is the right suggestion? I'm sure that Sylvain
> won't mess around with chemicals again like that. We all are learning
> from our mistakes. Who is without guilt might throw the first stone.

You're probably right. But i'm sure we've all seen undergraduates who just
don't get it, no matter how much advice they're given, and people like
this are better off pursuing careers outside science. If Sylvain's not one
of these, and he was just badly supervised, then of course, he could be a
fine scientist, and we'll welcome him with open arms.

Although, speaking as a final-year PhD student myself, i'm not sure i'd
advise *anyone* to consider doing a PhD ...


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