Strong contamination with ethidium bromide

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> Since 3 weeks I am using Ethidium bromide without taking much more care of
> it.  Everyday I used it and I notice that few drops of the stock solution
> were throw on my finger each time I opened the tube. I never washed
> afterwards. I estimated that I have done it at least 10 times. I just read
> how toxic is ethidium bromide and now I am very scared about had
> contaminated myself. Some people says that ethidium bromide fear is 
> paranoia
> but if not what should I do? Book a place in a graveyard ?

what to do?

be a little more careful, and understand what you're handling BEFORE you're 
handling it, so that you know what to be careful about, and what to do if 
there's an accident.

Other than that, don't worry about your "strong contamination" with EtBr.

Oh, and gloves are useful too ;-)


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