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Fri Jun 8 21:19:47 EST 2007

On Jun 8, 9:37 pm, d... from (DK) wrote:
> In article <1181318252.993588.241... from>, peter <peter.ianak... from> wrote:
> >EtBr is overrated IMHO, Friend of mine spilled about 250ml on himself,
> >did not change clothes for a few hours and 14 years later he is fine,
> >has 3 children and all is as normal as it can be.
> Lotsa examples like that. It certainly never occured to me to wear
> gloves when I was handling a lot of ethidium and propidium
> bromides some 20 years ago. No spills that I know off, though.
> >Don't stress
> >yourselves with EtBr/gloves etc. In my experience most contaminations
> >happened when people wore gloves....
> Exactly!
> >just wear gloves when handle acrilamide , DMSO, PMSF etc.
> What's wrong with DMSO? Sure, it goes through the skin easily
> and all that but on its own it is pretty harmless. The danger is
> there only when handling toxins dissolved in DMSO, I think.
> Half the same goes to acrylamide. When a gel is poured
> and handled properly, there is zero chance to ever come in
> contact with it. If, however, you accidentally spilled few ul or ml
> on a skin - just wash it off right away and no harm will ever
> be done. Paying attention is 1000X safer than wearing gloves
> (which should only be worn when contact is either inevitable
> or deadly).

DK probably DMSO won't harm you much, but it is known
for the sake of the future generations and because goes well trough
the gloves,  be careful. I agree 100 % with your last statement, don't
get me wrong.

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