RE to Jim 3975 - Strong contamination with ethidium bromide

Kyle Legate via (by legatek from
Sat Jun 9 01:55:36 EST 2007

Prof. Piero Sestili wrote:
> Dear Jim 3975,
> of course, and as anybody in this field knows, you're right: my story
> was simply to tranquillize this poor undergraduate student...I think
> that your intervention got the opposite result!  Another very relevant
> aspect of this specific case (mine and undergraduate's one) is that we
> are speaking of a SINGLE exposure, far less effective in terms of
> carcinogenicity as compared to CHRONIC exposure.
> By the way, if there's anybody who stained his hands with EB more than
> 16 years ago, please come on and tell us your story!  
Well, this is second hand information, but I know a woman who worked in 
the Sambrook lab at the time when the protocols for Molecular Cloning 
were being optimized. As you might expect there was a lot of ethidium 
bromide in use, and she never used gloves while testing these protocols. 
More than 20 years later and not a sign of finger cancer.

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