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Hi Piero,
Well I have been working with EBr in a rather sloppy way (some of my 
colleagues would use stronger terms) since like thirty years. 'Finger 
cancer' (as someone else in this thread called it) is  not among the 
problems I currently have, nor of any of my lab colleagues. (I must say I 
took care never to ingest any, I mean washing my hands before eating etc. )

My reference to the PNAS paper was as sloppy as my way of working with EBr. 
The paper mentions Ebr, but not cigarette smoke. That must have been  a 
different paper, I can't find it right now.
Even if carcinogenity would be similar, it would be odd - just as you are 
correctly pointing out - to panick about having smoked  say, 50 cigarettes 
_only one time_.

BTW, it is funny that there do not seem to be reports of studies of the 
effect of EtBr on animals. After all, strong mutagens can be helpful in 
cancer studies.

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> Dear Jim 3975,
> of course, and as anybody in this field knows, you're right: my story
> was simply to tranquillize this poor undergraduate student...I think
> that your intervention got the opposite result!  Another very relevant
> aspect of this specific case (mine and undergraduate's one) is that we
> are speaking of a SINGLE exposure, far less effective in terms of
> carcinogenicity as compared to CHRONIC exposure.
> By the way, if there's anybody who stained his hands with EB more than
> 16 years ago, please come on and tell us your story!
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> To get cancer, 16 years is nothing. People who start smoking at 16 don't
> get
> lung cancer until 40, 50 years later. (Average age of lung cancer death
> is
> ~70)
> Bruce Ames showed in a PNAS paper in the seventies that smoking is more
> mutagenic than ethidum bromide (using fairly realistic doses of both).
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>>Nothing to do with the past contamination!  Probably few EB molecules
>>penetrated to the germinative layer of your skin and most of it was
>>cleared by corneum.  Just forget it!  16 years ago I noticed an EB
> stain
>>on my right hand, due to unexpectedly broken gloves: I'm still here,
>>writing with the same hand....
>>For the future simply wear two pairs of lattice gloves when using EB:
>>normal gloves do not protect so much...and go on with your PhD
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