How to get a single stranded DNA as long as 2-3kb?

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Mon Jun 11 15:32:04 EST 2007

On Jun 11, 4:22 pm, Nick Theodorakis <nick_theodora... from>
> ChenHA wrote:
> [...]
> > Perhaps I misremember, was it XL1 blue cells that produces the ghost
> > band of ssDNA instead?
> I seem to remember a discussion about NaOH irreversibly altering the
> plasmid conformation to generate a ghost band during alkaline preps, but
> perhaps there is more than one kind of ghost band.
> Nick
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Guys keep it focussed ... the original poster asked a specific
question - 2-3 kb ssDNA out of a plasmid with 3 kb insert. There is no
such thing like "ghost" bands. If the culture is overgrown the plasmid
does not have time to separate and you have occasionally  concatenates
-  thats all.

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