cDNA Synthesis (Jose de las Heras)

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Tue Jun 12 11:41:31 EST 2007

I used to made cDNA synthesis with SperScript III from Invitrogen (cat. no. 
18080-051). I don´t know if it's the same for SuperScript II, but in the III 
you have two eppendorfs, one for oligodT primers and another for random 
hexamers. It worked well for me. 

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As Peter said, don't buy kits. I also use SuperscriptII from Invitrogen.
The oligo(dT) I just order from my favourite oligo synthesis company... save 
you a fortune.
Random hexamers you can buy from different sources, but I wouldn't be 
surprised if you couldn't get them cheaper also by ordering directly with 
your oligo company. Worth checking...


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Hi all,

I'm a PCR novice and am looking for a cDNA synthesis kit but they all seem
to do so many at so many different prices.  I want a first strand synthesis
kit with OligodT and random hexamer primers.  The one we have is around £200
for 200 rxn from Applied Biosystems.  Anyone know of anything cheaper?



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