Ghost band (was Re: How to get a single stranded DNA as long as 2-3kb?)

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Tue Jun 12 22:42:00 EST 2007

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> peter wrote:
> [...]
> > Jose, Why do you think I should believe to a paper from the 70s?  Do
> > you know how many crappy papers were published in the past that are
> > pure BS when we look at retrospect....
> > my2c
> I can't tell if you're kidding or not, but in case you aren't, in the
> 1970's there were papers describing the use and manipulation of plasmids
> as cloning vectors, discovery and characterization of restriction
> enzymes, DNA sequencing, discovery and characterization of reverse
> transciptase, discovery of introns, ...
> Nick
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You don't get it too Nick, besides the good papers in the 70s , 80s,
90s and  00s, there is a bulk of BS that was published in a countless
of BS journals. The only think that came out of these papers were
countless of clueless PhDs trying to prove next "type V DNA" .

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