ligation-free cloning

ChenHA via (by hzhen from
Tue Jun 19 09:30:55 EST 2007

chhoefer wrote:

> Hi,
>    Gateway cloning is just a few dollars per reaction for a clone you
> are sure to get.   Do you really think this
> is a lot of money for something that otherwise might take weeks,
> months or forever to produce?

Not sure who this is directed to, but I haven't come across anything 
that takes weeks, months or forever to clone.

People can use whatever kit they like as long as it works for them.  I 
think however relying on kits tends to degrade the skill factor.  I have 
made many constructs that can't be done by using kits, and those who 
rely on kits alone are limited in what they can do.  Normal cloning 
method is simple if you know what to do, unfortunately many people 
simply don't know how to do it properly.

> Christoph

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