ligation-free cloning

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Tue Jun 19 10:41:36 EST 2007

On Jun 19, 10:30 am, ChenHA <h... from> wrote:
> chhoefer wrote:
> > Hi,
> >    Gateway cloning is just a few dollars per reaction for a clone you
> > are sure to get.   Do you really think this
> > is a lot of money for something that otherwise might take weeks,
> > months or forever to produce?
> Not sure who this is directed to, but I haven't come across anything
> that takes weeks, months or forever to clone.
> People can use whatever kit they like as long as it works for them.  I
> think however relying on kits tends to degrade the skill factor.  I have
> made many constructs that can't be done by using kits, and those who
> rely on kits alone are limited in what they can do.  Normal cloning
> method is simple if you know what to do, unfortunately many people
> simply don't know how to do it properly.
> > Christoph

Amen to that....can't agree more with you

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