Western blotting

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>> Hello Sir,
>>                 I need a complete procedure for western blotting  
>> technique, Please kindly Send me,,,,,,,.it will be very usefull for my  
>> research work.
> you will find one, elborate with explanations and rationale in methods
> of molecular biology or if you would follow "Molecular cloning -a
> manual" by Sambrook, and Maniatis.

Or use the "bible of the immunologist":

         AUTHOR= {E. Harlow and D. Lane},
         TITLE= {Antibodies --- A Laboratory Manual},
         YEAR= {1988},
         PUBLISHER= {Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press},
         ADDRESS= {Cold Spring Harbor},
         EDITION= {1},
         ISBN= {978-0879694145},
         LANGUAGE= {engl}

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