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>> This is from Doug Hanahan - the author of "J. Mol. Biol. 166(4): 557-580",
>> where SOB was first described.
>> SOB = super-optimal broth
>> SOC = SOB with the B changed to C for "catabolite repression", indicative
>>       of the presence of glucose.
> Thanks, that's interesting.  I remember reading the original paper and 
> didn't come across the explanation of the SOB/SOC (I thought it was 
> earlier than that and the author wasn't Hanahan, but I could have been 
> completely mistaken, I read it a long time ago.)

It isn't in the paper.  That explanation comes from a question posed
to Doug when he visited the Microbiology/Molecular Biology department
at Case Western Reserve in 1987.  I was doing a rotation in Russ Maurer's
lab at the time, and his graduate student Ed Lancy asked the question.

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