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Fri Mar 2 11:05:23 EST 2007

Does anybody know about an efficient method to clean and/or isolate DNA
from plants that is pure enough to use for AFLP analysis. We have 2
species of plants (Astragalus) and we isolated DNA from both. One
species' DNA worked for the AFLP, the other one didn't. I used the CTAB
method by Soltis (precipitation has been done with isopropanol). I have
also used Qiagen (plant) and that didn't work neither. 
I suspect there is too much junk (polysaccharides perhaps) in the DNA
that it is not cutting and amplifying in the AFLP.

We only have a little amount of plant material. The plant material was
harvested in the field and put immediately inside Drierite (this method
works for all our other experiments). 
I will really appreciate any input. 

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