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> On 3/7/07, Manuel Fernando Ariza Botero <mfarizab from unal.edu.co> wrote:
>> Has anybody done PCR from a mammal blood clot. Is there a chance to
>> recover white cells as DNA source from that mess?
>> answers most welcome!!
> just a shot in the dark, but could you use a combination of strong
> chaotropic agents/detergents +proteases ....... and then extract the
> DNA from the mess.... the caveat is that you will extract all DNA
> there is, not just WBC ....
> ... another thought was if one could use "blood thinning agents" ...(
> no not anti coagulants, but ones that dissolve the clots like say
> warfarin?) ....
> am being purely speculative ...and hope it triggers some ideas
> best
> pow
Warfarin is a vitamin K antagonist.  It will after a few days treatment of 
the patient reduce the effectiveness of clotting factors, thereby reducing 
the propensity for in vivo and ex vivo clotting.

Clot busters set im motion cascades of proteolytic enzymes that break down 
clots (fibrin).  Work best with time and at 37C.

I would think that the commercial special formulations for isolating DNA 
from small blood samples would work best, although collecting the blood 
expertly and into a good anticoagulant would be preferable.

Best regards
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