The top band is disappered!

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On 3/17/07, Hannah Song <purifierh from> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sometimes I have a problem with that my top band of the ladder from the
> Western gel is disapearing during the running. It seems like that bigger
> size proteins are getting lower as they run.
> However, I cannot figure out what makes this problem. It does not happen all
> the time. I just noticed that it usually happens on weekends. I use the same
> buffer and everything. Please help me..

Hi Hannah,

I have no idea how to answer your question .... it is a one in
zillion, extremely low probability situation, and assuming that every
other condition is a constant except for the day of the week (being
weekend), the only parsimonious explanation would be that the proteins
develop feel sluggish, and lethargic, they decide to relax, and open
up,  just as we humans do, and refuse to move, or run in this case
.... or probably, the fat proteins go on a diet and get leaner on
weekends? joking, ofcourse

....and then again I am assuming that you stop the gel when the dye
front has migrated to the place where you wish to (end of the
gel)....and hoping that the latter probability of human behaviour on
weekends is not the problem..... ergo, you are not overrunning the


> thank you.
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