Amazing discovery: Jesus' DNA was left-handed!

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Wed Mar 21 06:08:11 EST 2007

On Tue, 20 Mar 2007, Jayakumar, R wrote:

> Even though this is not a forum for religious discussions, the DNA image
> on the video is a computer animation.  I guess the person making the
> animation is not a molecular biologist, and moreover it is only a
> graphical representation of what they are trying to show. I am sure
> redoing the animation would have costed the production unit a chunk of
> money.

Horizontally flipping the frames, however, would have been quite cheap!

Regardless of what you think about Jesus, this is another example of the
scientific sloppiness of journalists and filmmakers of the sort that gets
biochemists really wound up. Whether this says more about journalists or
biochemists is left as a question for the reader to ponder :).


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