Intrinsic mutation frequency in synthetic oligoes

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> Hi netters,
> I need a method to assess the mutation frequency (purity) of
> ologonucleotides - 50 -60 bp long. Any Idea how to do this?

Oligonucleotide purity is typically assessed by MALDI-TOF mass 
spec, or electrospray ionization mass spec (ESI).  There is a
relatively recent paper, titled "High-throughput analysis of
oligonucleotides using automated electrospray ionization mass 
spectrometry", by M.E. Hail et al. that compares the two 
techniques (Am. Biotech. Lab 22: 12-24).  

ESI was reliable for oligonucleotides upto 120 nt in length.  
MALDI-TOF was reliable up to about 50 nt.

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