weighing reagents is difficult due to static, any adivse?

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Dear Anwar,

let me suggest to do it by difference: weigh the vial with the
substance and with lid and stoppers etc, then dissolve it, remove the
solution, let the vial dry and weigh again with all parts. Then
calculate the difference.

Another possibility would be measuring the concentration by
spectrophotometry, if extinction coefficients are available.

A third possibility is to believe the manufacturer and just assume
what's printed on the label...

All the best,


On Mar 23, 8:45 pm, "Anwar Khan" <akhan... from sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Hello everyone, while measuring in sub mg quantities of a precious reagent
> (dry powder) I could not keep it at one place due to static and the reagent
> would go everywhere but down on the weighing boat.  is there any way to
> avoid this.  thank you.
> sincerely,
> Anwar Khan

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