A Software tool to overlay two separately acquired images?

WS via methods%40net.bio.net (by novalidaddress from nurfuerspam.de)
Sun Mar 25 17:03:14 EST 2007

I want to overlay several scans of ECL films (same membrane, different
exposures) which of course do not fit each other exactly. Each scan
needs to be rotated a tiny little bit for a perfect fit. Is there any
tool out there that can assist with this? ImageJ would be fine to
rotate in sub-degree steps, but finding the right value might be quite
tedious. Probably the problem can be squeezed in some sort of
"minimizing the difference dependent on the rotation angle" algorithm.
Before inventing the wheel twice, I thought I'd ask.

The individual scans are greyscale, the desired result is a color
image where each scan has its own color, so the differences are easy
to spot.

Best reagrds,


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