A Software tool to overlay two separately acquired images?

AK via methods%40net.bio.net (by akhan357 from sbcglobal.net)
Tue Mar 27 15:38:01 EST 2007

> You can use Photoshop.  Open the files with your scans.  Copy and paste
> Image1 into the file with Image2. You should have 2 "layers" now. Adjust 
> opacity of the upper layer so you can see thru to the lower layer.  Then 
> select the upper layer ("ctrl-A" for PC's), and go Edit -> Transform -> 
> Rotate.  There will be handles on the corners and you can rotate it 
> however much you want.
> Allison

good suggestion for alignment, but what happens when he puts the opacity 
back to 100% of the first layer?? the bottom layer will be obscured. (unless 
layers will be blended, which requires a perfect background)

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