DNA Strider 1.4 for OS X?

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Wed Mar 28 04:22:49 EST 2007

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> I am looking for DNA strider 1.4.  I have received no email response  
> using the email address: marck from jonas.saclay.cea.fr.  Do you have any  
> suggestions on how to buy this software? I have used the DNA strider  
> program for more than 15 years and would like to continue to do so.  

That's an outdated email address.  The correct address is "cmarck from cea.fr",
and Dr. Marck does respond very quickly.

In the meanwhile, there is another OS X native application whose functions
greatly overlap those of DNA Strider - "A Plasmid Editor" (ApE).  ApE has
a few advantages over DNA Strider, particularly for maintaining plasmid
databases.  ApE has a user-editable annotation database.  Once this 
database is populated with the elements present most frequently in your
plasmids, it is a matter of a two key-strokes to generate an annotated map
of any of your plasmids.  ApE opens DNA Strider files.

Available at this URL:

Email: echo 36434455860060025978157675027927670979097959886449930P | dc

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