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Orsini Elena via methods%40net.bio.net (by elena from ethz.ch)
Wed Mar 28 12:36:51 EST 2007


I have a problem in my sequencing results. I cloned a GUSNOS insert into
a plasmid and afterwards a promoter in front. When I received my
sequencing results the forward sequence of my promoter was fine but the
reverse ( the annealing was at the beginning of the GUS gene) was
superimposed after 130 base pares. This happened exactly at the level of
the cloning site before the GUS fusion.....


I suspect that my culture contains a mixture of two plasmids, the
transformed and the not transformed....or in the worst case two
different repetitive sequence of the GUSNOS.

How could I figure this out?

Is it possible to separate eventually the two plasmid?

Thank you very much




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