Gas permeability of silicone oil?

Tom Anderson via (by ucgatan from
Fri Mar 30 09:03:43 EST 2007


Does anyone have any idea how permeable silicone oils are to gases? Oxygen
and carbon dioxide are the ones i'm interested in, really; water, too.

I use a silicone oil to reduce evaporation from dishes i'm looking at on
our inverted scope; my experiments are generally less than an hour long,
so gas exchange isn't a huge deal, but a colleague wants to do some much
longer experiments, and we're not sure if the oil i use is suitable.

My particular oil is a poly(dimethylsiloxane); it's the Dow Corning '200'
type, via Sigma, of 10 centistokes viscosity. I have absolutely no idea
what the degree of the polymer is.


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