software for making a model of a protein

Maryam via (by mzargh from
Fri May 4 18:32:55 EST 2007

Check out Rasmol or Pymol.
Mr Urpradiap <noplok from jskhkjgvdskj.kj> wrote:  Dear NG.
I am looking for a graphic tool/software to make a model of how I think 4 
domains of a protein resides together in the overall fold of the protein. I 
am not looking for an advanced tool to make docking of proteins or any other 
calculations on how the domains could fit together. I am simply looking for 
a 3D graphic tool where i can build my hypothetical model (publication 
grade). If I was good at paintshop I would have made the model from the 
ground here (but I am not). I have the four domains as PDB files, that might 
make things a bit easier?
Thank you.

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