Problem with Polyacrylamide gel

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I think the he was simply advertising Invitrogen products  :)

On 5/11/07, DK <dk from> wrote:
> In article <1178873864.366594.161010 from>, StewJW
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> >Use Invitrogen Midi or smaller mini precast gels and save a lot of
> >time.
> >See:
> >
> This is a non-solution. What do you think would happen if for every
> trivial
> problem (like polymerizing AA gel) you suggest buying a product that
> bypasses the problem altogether? What's next? - Hire a writer to write
> a grant for me?
> >I'd also recommend the NUPAGE over the traditional Tris/Gly which is
> >better for pH sensitive proteins and the Bis/Tris format is stable at
> >room temperature. Biorad also do similar gels.
> NuPAGE is just a trademark. There are different gels they sell. If
> you get a very unexpected result with the NuPAGE, do you even
> know what's inside it to interpret the results?
> DK
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