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DK wrote:
> In article <1178873864.366594.161010 from>, StewJW <stewjw from> wrote:
>> Use Invitrogen Midi or smaller mini precast gels and save a lot of
>> time.
>> See:
> This is a non-solution. What do you think would happen if for every trivial 
> problem (like polymerizing AA gel) you suggest buying a product that 
> bypasses the problem altogether? What's next? - Hire a writer to write
> a grant for me? 

My 2 cents...

Pre-cast gels, like almost every product you can get from Life Sciences 
companies, are an example of scientific progress that makes life easier 
and avoids unneeded time wasting ans stuff-ups.  Why bother pouring your 
own when in the same time it takes you to clean the plates, make up the 
solutions, pour the gel, let it set, pour the stacker... you can have a 
pre-cast gel run and stained with results in your lab-book.  I have no 
problem with someone who wants to do it the 'traditional' way (at least 
they understand the science behind it) but where's the harm in getting 
results quicker.  Do you propose we synthesise our own ATP and draw our 
own glass pipettes before running enzyme assays??  Yes, people had to do 
that once too!

My personal recommendation is get the pre-cast gels and save yourself 
time and effort!  I only suggest that you make an effort to know what 
you're doing!! :-)

BTW, buying a product that bypasses the problem altogether DK!?!?! 
Presumably the problem is the scientific question, not whether or not a 
gel is setting properly?  I'd bypass a problem altogether any day!


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