Problem with Polyacrylamide gel

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Mon May 14 18:44:27 EST 2007

StewJW wrote:
> Making SDS-PAGE gels is not a difficult problem, its a tedious one
> which is prone to errors, and yes thanks I spent more time than I care
> to remember making my own gels and so I can appreciate this problem.
> Making SDS-PAGE gels particularly gradient gels is time wasting, and
> if there is a good product out there which can help people move there
> research forward so much the better. DK I can appreciate where your
> coming from about understanding your techniques but your average life
> science researcher really has better things to do rather than
> mastering the chemistry behind gel polymerisation.

Another 2 cents...

I agree Stew.  I have to admit I know many great scientists who don't 
actually understand the basics of how certain pieces of equipment work 
or how to do a particular experiment, but they ask the right questions 
and provide the right interpretations.  These people are the ones 
running large lab groups and looking to the frontiers of science.  I 
truly understand your position too DK since, as much as I admire such 
great scientists their lack of understanding of some basics really sh!ts 
me to tears!!  As I see it, we have two choices as scientists. 1 
Understand everything we do and get little done or, 2. Understand what 
we need in order to get done what needs to be done!


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