Problem with Polyacrylamide gel

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Thu May 17 18:07:38 EST 2007

StewJW wrote:
> Thanks Bean for your support in this matter. Its a forum site and it
> was just a suggestion but it seems to have sparked a bit of debate.
> Science is a rapidly moving and competitive field. I met this in my
> career that group leaders are often reluctant to change their methods.
> If your doing lots of pipetting get a liquid handling robot, if your
> doing lots of  gels buy precast, it will not only help with
> productivity but will ensure less variability. But as in any
> application think about what your buying and test or demo it, that's
> just common sense.

I have to add that I certainly agree, to a point, with Engelbert and DK. 
  There is a level of dumbing down in science as a result of new 
products coming onto the market to make our lives easier in the lab. 
When I was doing my PhD, colleagues in molecular labs were always 
complaining about younger students using "kits" and following recipes 
without understanding what they were doing.  These would notoriously 
lead to poor results and an inability to troubleshoot.  Nonetheless, we 
all have to keep in mind that everything we use in the lab has developed 
from an earlier level of understanding that many of us now take for 
granted.  Next time you pick up a auto-pipette, turn on the 
spectrophotometer, spin an Eppie in the centrifuge, collect water from a 
Milli-Q system, even order a new -20°C freezer for the lab... ask 
yourself if you REALLY know how to use one AND how it works!

I think that's now six cents from me...?


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