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Wed May 23 14:56:00 EST 2007

Am 17.05.2007, 19:40 Uhr, schrieb lam <pilamca from yahoo.ca>:

> Dear all, I would like to simply draw a few thousands
> circles representing amino acids of my protein and
> organize them but I don't want to use powerpoint or
> photoshop.  Is there another program that could make
> pretty pictures like the ones I see during some
> presentations?

I don't quite understand what you have in mind. Ball-and-Stick diagrams of  
all atoms in a protein? Arrow-and-helix diagrams presenting secondary  

Nevertheless I'd recommend that you look at DeepView  
(http://www.expasy.org/spdbv/index.html) which can create images of  
protein structures in a variety of formats. For that it uses the  
coordinates determined by X-ray crystallography or NMR, these can be  
obtained from OCA (http://bip.weizmann.ac.il/oca-bin/ocamain).

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