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> I already tried inverse PCR like each other method (RACE, RS-PCR) and it 
> didn`t work. But I´ll try again.
> Thanks for the link to

Your goal is to identify the sites that your transposon is inserted into,

Well, here's a way that I've used that doesn't involve PCR, but does
require that the selectable marker on the transposon also work in
E. coli.

a) Isolate genomic DNA after transposition.
b) Cut it with a restriction endonuclease that does not cut within
   the transposon.
c) Ligate the cut genomic DNA into your favourite plasmid vector.  
   Plate the ligation on media selective for the selectable marker 
   on the transposon.
d) Isolate plasmid from individual colonies, and sequence the ends.

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