tricks to increase retroviral titer?

Antonio via (by Antonio.Sarikas from
Mon May 28 09:48:08 EST 2007

On May 27, 9:26 am, d... from (DK) wrote:
> In article <1180246041.579778.59... from>, Antonio <Antonio.Sari... from> wrote:
> >I use Phoenix cells as a packaging cell line for the pLNCX2 retroviral
> >vector. Does anyone know any tricks on how to increase the titer?
> The simplest trick is to pellet in the ultracentrifuge and resuspend
> in small volume.
> DK

Thanks DK, but what do you pellet? The virus ist secreted into the
supernatant which I then collect at day 2 and 3 posttransfection.
Ultracentrifugation of the supernatant might be problematic since the
retroviral glycocalix is sensitve to shearstress.


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