Acid Phenol/chloroform

Ed Siefker via (by ebs15242 from
Wed Nov 7 12:05:49 EST 2007

Ah, thanks a lot.  Looks like what I have is already buffered to be
neutral and it might take a lot of acid to get it back down to the
right pH.  So I'll just have to hold off and get the right stuff.

Jasenka Pigac wrote:
> Phenol is acid as such when melted. If you add either water or 
> chloroform it will remain acid. I suppose it means to melt phenol 
> (Sigma) and add the same volume of chloroform - you will get acid 
> phenol/chloroform. The one you have has been pH adjusted to be neutral 
> (pH 6.7).
>> I got a kit from Ambion to do some RACE, this kit requires acid
>> phenol/chloroform but doesn't tell me what the composition of this is.
>> I called Ambion and they didn't know.  I couldn't find a recipe in
>> Maniatis either.
>> I have a brand new bottle of phenol ph 6.7. What do I need to add to
>> make "acid phenol/chloroform"?  Thanks.
>> -Ed
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