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On Nov 6, 3:10 pm, Ed Siefker <ebs15... from> wrote:
> I got a kit from Ambion to do some RACE, this kit requires acid
> phenol/chloroform but doesn't tell me what the composition of this is.
> I called Ambion and they didn't know.  I couldn't find a recipe in
> Maniatis either.
> I have a brand new bottle of phenol ph 6.7. What do I need to add to
> make "acid phenol/chloroform"?  

Water-saturated phenol is "acid phenol (phenol has a weakly ionizable
hydrogen)." What you have is likely buffered.

Start with solid phenol crystals, and saturate it with good water (you
might need to do it a couple of times). Standard safety disclaimers
apply (wear gloves and eye and body protection, etc.).


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