Acid Phenol/chloroform

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The pH of the acid phenol is usually kept around 4.0.
We used to make it in lab with Tri.HCl, but Sigma sells the stuff for so
cheap that it doesn't pay to even equilibrate your own.  Sigma sells both
Phenol and Phenol Chloroform with pH8.0 or pH4 buffers.

> I got a kit from Ambion to do some RACE, this kit requires acid
> phenol/chloroform but doesn't tell me what the composition of this is.
> I called Ambion and they didn't know.  I couldn't find a recipe in
> Maniatis either.
> I have a brand new bottle of phenol ph 6.7. What do I need to add to
> make "acid phenol/chloroform"?  Thanks.
> -Ed
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